About Us

Mission Read is an organic, grassroots literacy campaign. It has been designed to stress the importance of reading at all levels, regardless of age, gender or socioeconomic status. Using this as the benchmark, we hope to highlight topics and issues relating to literacy.  This space will feature a series of articles stressing the ‘need to read’! The campaign will also feature authors, business owners and advocates for education and children’s’ issues. Beyond the articles and discussions using social media, Mission Read will be the hub for outreach, education and community involvement as participants showcase their efforts to spread the love of books and reading in their locales and beyond!

I wanted to start a campaign that everyone could feel a part of. People like to participate in different ways and it was with this in mind that Mission Read was designed. Every person can feel proactive from the grandmother reading to her grandchildren to the teacher running a book club to the neighborhood organizing a community book drive. As long as you are reading, you are a part of Mission Read!”  Beth Panageotou, Founder: Mission Read

With a background in public policy, education and business, Beth created Mission Read and Page's Corner.  Beth is also the Editor of the Library for Bonbon Break magazine.
Beth is an information junkie, has an obsession with seashells from the Jersey shore, secretly wishes to be JB Fletcher and loves the constant chaos of life with her two daughters! Bucket list item: to be on Sesame Street. 
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Niki Barnes is a mom, second grade teacher and she loves to read! Niki co-hosts the #virtualbookclub chats on Twitter. Follower her there at @daydreamreader and on her blog about books at daydreamreader.com